After 36 Years, we are sad to say that the CLC will be closing. Our last day will be June 12th.

Although The Children's Learning Center (CLC) is a Jewish nursery school, the Center accepts children of all backgrounds and ethnicity. CLC has been an integral part of Montgomery County (MC) community for over 34 years and one of the longest standing well respected early childhood institutions in MC. CLC is known for its flexibility, its unbeatable size and resources, and its dedication to an individualized education. We take great pride in our innovative, developmentally appropriate curriculum that allows children to be educated through fun and play. CLC offers the parents of the MC community a variety of choices: Infant care, Toddler aged Care, Nursery School and before and after care from 7:00am TO 6:00pm.

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why-us CLC has been an integral part of the Montgomery County community for over 34 years. Discover why you should send your children here.

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What They’re Saying

nav-right-arrow.png Hear what our kids and parents are saying about The Children's Learning Center. They love CLC and we know you will too!

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transportation YES, CLC provides transportation! Before and after school transportation is available in select areas via our CLC vans. We pick up and drop off if you are unable to. Learn More

Check out our new hosting provider

As you may have noticed, we have recently experienced a lot of server outrages. This has been due to the fact that our old web hosting company has been very unstable during the last couple of years.
We do not have much experience with all the technical stuff about hosting a website, however Michael knew a guy named Brian Alexander from his college who has a lot of technical know-how.
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Keep in mind that this is NOT an endorsement, we just wanted to explain what Brian Alexander does so you can make up your mind about it yourself.