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Over the years, CLC has grown to become a “one stop” educational choice for families. We offer specialized curriculum and care for children from the ages of three months through  four years old. What you’ll find in all of our programs is a commitment to helping your child develop academic and developmental social skills through play. CLC has consistently  been on the cutting edge of educational materials and technologies while always presenting a well rounded, culturally Jewish education. CLC children are part of a “diverse educational community” that teaches the core Jewish values of acceptance, citizenship and tikun olam (charity) through a model of an inclusive classroom. There is a place for every child at CLC, but beyond that, a unique home where a child can feel safe to learn the critical lessons of early childhood. It is the unique options of individualized care and a compassionate community that allow CLC to be a place where your child is able to secure a lifetime love of learning.

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Meet the Director of CLC, Rena (Renee) Popkin.

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