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Ways To Help

Ways to Help

There are so many easy and effortless ways to help the development efforts at CLC. Below you will find a list of programs in which your participation would make a world of difference:


Help Save the environment AND raise money for your child’s education for FREE! If you have old cell phones and or printer cartridges at home or work, send them in your child’s backpack and we’ll take care of the rest!

Shop and Earn

Many retailers participate in programs that give a percentage of your everyday spending to schools. Click the link Shop and Earn for a list of easy, NO COST, ways to help CLC. Enrollment in many of these programs is as easy as filling out a form on a web site, its completely free to your family and CLC reaps a steady benefit. Everyone wins with Shop and Earn programs.

Service/Product Fundraisers

CLC offers many service-oriented fundraisers. You participation in special sales events helps CLC too! Examples of service/product fundraisers are:
1) Innisbrook Paper Sales
2) Cookie Dough Sales
3) Pizza Sales
4) Challah Sales
5) Boutique Sale
6) Westfield Mall Shopping

PTN Events

CLC is fortunate to have a dedicated and energetic Parent Teacher Network who host a number of events throughout the year. For example, the PTN hosts the annual Fall Picnic and Spring Carnival.

Call for upcoming PTN event 301-871-6600.

The Annual Raffle

Every year CLC hosts a raffle for a major ticket item. In the past items such as a plasma tv with surround sound and an Ipad have been raffled off. Raffle ticket sales are a quick and easy way to raise money for CLC.