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Nursery Songs -Benefits of Singing and A Top List of Preschool Songs

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Nursery School Songs – Top Nursery School Songs and Why You Should Sing With Your Kids

It’s never a waste of time to sing songs with your preschooler. There are many benefits to singing preschool songs with your child. Research shows that children who are actively involved in singing do better in reading and math when starting school.

They also are able to focus and control their bodies. It also helps their social skills with other children. Some preschool songs, such as If You Want to Be a Friend, I Will Be Kind, and Working Together, are all songs about sharing. Other preschool songs, like “If you Think You’re Going to Sneeze”, and “Exercise Everyday”, teach children about the importance of good health.

Most popular Preschool Songs

Some of the top preschool songs are “One, Two, Buckle My Shoe”, “Wheels on the Bus”, “If You’re Happy and You Know It”, “Mary Had a Little Lamb”, “Ring Around the Rosie”, “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star”, “Baa Baa Black Sheep”, and “Head and Shoulders”. Even infants can benefit from preschool songs. Music seems to have a calming effect on babies. Singing can help children express themselves, can help ease any stress in their lives, and give them confidence in their own ability.
Many early childhood education centers offer classes for children, by offering song time, along with musical instruments, and games. There they will learn to try out a variety of songs and learn to interact with other children. Preschool songs are also beneficial to the deaf or hearing impaired. Any song can be learned through sign language.

Children love to sing, so start right away. By singing to them, you are giving them the gift of communication skills, and socialization. Most importantly though, you are giving them the gift of spending time laughing and singing together.

So pick your favorite preschool songs and start singing to them.


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  • Carol Biddiss

    Couldn’t agree more with this post. Why is Twinkle Twinkle so important to young children? You can see them go all mushy when they hear it as they tune in to listening and memory. Then they automatically start twinkling their fingers. I think it’s because the tune is irresistible- it starts on the “home note” and goes to the “fifth”- the first strong harmony discovered by Pythagoras (or whichever previous sage he learned it from!) It has exact repeats of melodic phrases, its form is the classic ABA, that is it finishes with the same melodic phrase it starts with. Mozart heard it as a French folk song and thought it was good enough to inspire 12 variations. Kids aren’t silly, they know a good tune when they hear one-and, what’s more, it’s about stars- inspiration once again! Sing it often and sing it with love.

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