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Nursery School

Nursery School

The CLC Jewish Nursery School (CLC JNS), a well-known and well-established 34 year-old program is the best beginning school experience Montgomery County has to offer. CLC keeps our class sizes and teacher to child ratio low, and the curriculum is the cutting edge of modern educational philosophy that includes many resources for its nursery program such as a library and librarian, separate music teacher, movement specialist and science teacher.   Our unprecedented commitment to flexibility means many program options for CLC families. The (CLC JNS) children may attend school 5 days a week.  Diaper changing services are available at any age.

A typical day in CLC’s warm and nurturing classroom environment includes circle time to encourage group activity, art projects for undivided creativity, a wholesome mid-morning snack, and plenty of free time to play and explore, (where CLC believes the REAL learning occurs!).  CLC is fortunate to enjoy spacious 1,000 sq. foot classrooms because the school is housed in a former public elementary school building. This also enables the school to offer multiple classrooms to allow children of different ages and developmental abilities to remain in classes with a small age range span.

Our fully-stocked classrooms are brimming with educational materials, toys and hands-on centers. Following our philosophy that children learn through play, in each classroom there are: permanent art centers, building block corners, circle time centers, cozy-comfort corners, housekeeping centers Judaic centers, math centers, mini library corners, music centers, science centers and truck corners.

1:00pm, our nursery school children (ages 3-4) offers after school activities in  Basketball,  Dance, and Soccer. Famous for flexibility, activity programs are constantly growing to accommodate the needs of our parents and preschool children.  There is truly an option for every child attending CLC.

Begin the enrollment process for your infant, toddler or preschool children by contacting the Admissions Director; Dottie Harris (dottieclc@clcmd.org).