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We attended CLC for a number of years and it provided a warm, nurturing, and accepting environment for our children.  The teachers are incredibly devoted, loving individuals – many of whom have been with at the school for a number of years.  Since CLC is located in a former Montgomery County elementary school, the classrooms are very spacious which allows each classroom to have a lot of different toys and activities stored in the classroom in a very organized manner and gives the children a nice opportunity to move around throughout the day and engage in a number of different activities – a rarity at preschools these days.  CLC has a very friendly and active parent community.

 Sarah G.,   Rockville, MD

My first experience with preschool was bringing my only son to CLC and sitting in on a class.  I figured he would sit in my lap and we’d be nervous together.  But at 2 1/2 years old, he got off my lap, joined the kids for story time and ate snack with them at the table…I guess I wasn’t “feeding him to the sharks” by sending him to CLC.

We grew a lot as a family and he grew into a student. From nursery to pre-K and starting his early elementary education, CLC gave my son  everything he needed and everything I wanted.  I was so grateful, and will forever be grateful, that CLC was the kick-off point for what has turned into a beautiful schooling career for him.  His continued friendships are testament to the nurturing relationships fostered in the classroom, and my continued friendships are a testament to the atmosphere of community that we grew up in.  Thank you, CLC, for a great and comprehensive foundation.

 Deb E., Sandy Spring, MD

CLC has been an integral part of my life for the past 20 years.  I have held many titles since becoming acquainted with CLC – elementary school teacher, science teacher, librarian and now I hold my most prized title – school mother.  The last of my four daughters is in her final year at CLC nursery school.  My feelings are mixed, as she is about too leave her “home away from home”, but I know she will be prepared for what lies ahead thanks to the nurturing and love she has received at CLC!

 Marcie N., Gaithersburg, MD

We have three children, all of whom are current or former CLC students. My two youngest children started as infants, and my elementary aged child still attends aftercare. We love CLC and feel like the teachers and staff are part of our family. I don’t know what I would do without CLC and I would recommend the school to anyone!

Melissa S.,  Rockville, MD