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Why CLC!

Why The Children’s Learning Center

Greetings! Thanks for stopping by the website of The Children’s Learning Center (CLC) which has been an integral part of the Montgomery County community for 34 years and the school is  one of the longest standing and well respected early childhood schools in Montgomery County (MC). CLC is known for its flexibility, its unique size, and many resources, and its specific dedication to individualized education. CLC takes great pride in innovative, developmentally appropriate curriculum that allows children to be educated through fun and play. CLC offers the community a variety of choices:

A Diverse Educational Community

At CLC the staff has, over the last 34 years seen first hand the power of diversity in the classroom. At CLC you’ll find an exceptional diversity of gender, socio-economic status, religions, languages spoken, physical abilities, learning abilities and races. CLC’s diverse community has been the secret of our long standing success in the community.

The diversity among the students of our community has provided CLC the ability to differentiate our curriculum and respond with flexibility to our learner’s needs as well as respecting what each child has to offer personally. We educate differently at CLC, catering to each unique child’s needs, abilities and interests and offering a personalized learning experience. CLC has an opportunity for every child to succeed and feel safe–this is the true power of a Diverse Educational Community.

Mission Statement

The Children’s Learning Center is dedicated to educating children by stimulating their imaginations, instilling confidence and promoting the child’s self-esteem through exposure to a warm and nurturing environment. In our many years of experiences, we have observed that children learn best through play. We’ve also found that playful learning can only take place when it occurs in a warm, positive and accepting environment.

Children at CLC will learn through interaction with teachers who care and who promote self-directed activities, through discovery, through peer interaction and through the daily use of appropriate classroom materials and equipment. The total atmosphere is a hands-on experience that incorporates the use of a child’s senses and the individualized educational environment provided by a classroom with a low pupil to teacher ratio.

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